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The objective of the Working Community of the Danube countries is to promote co-operation among its members to support the overall development of the Danube region in the interest of its citizens and to contribute to peaceful collaboration in Europe.

Its task is the joint, informative and professional treatment and co-ordination of issues which are of interest to its members, particularly in the fields of business, regional planning, nature conservation and environmental protection, tourism and cultural and scientific relations.

The members of the Working Community include: the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Free State of Bavaria, the Province of Upper Austria, the Province of Lower Austria, the Province of Vienna, the Province of Burgenland, the Slovak Republic, the County of Györ-Moson-Sopron, the County of Komarom-Esztergom, the County of Pest, Budapest, the County of Fejer, the County of Bacs-Kiskun, the County of Tolna, the County of Baranya, the Republic of Croatia, the Republic of Serbia, the Region of Lovech, the Region of Montana, the Region of Russe, the Association of Romanian Danube Counties, the Republic of Moldova, and the Region of Odessa. The Czech Republic has observer status in the Working Community. The office of the Working Community of the Danube Countries has been established at the Office of the Lower Austrian Provincial Government in St. Pölten.

For ten years Mag. Otto Schwetz has chaired the Working Group on Transport and Navigation in close partnership with the 23 Danube regions. The working group serves as a platform for the co-ordination and formulation of the demands the regions are making on a sustainable transport policy in Europe.

TINA Vienna supports Mag. Otto Schwetz, chairman of the Working Group on Transport and Navigation in his activities.


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