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Slums or informal settlements, war-torn cities such as Bagdad or Sarajevo, city dwellers without access to water and sanitary facilities - these are the spheres of activity covered by the mandate given to the United Nations agency for human settlements, UN-HABITAT, in the context of the Millennium Development Goals defined by the United Nations. However, more generally, the mandate also includes sustainable cities - cities which for several years have been the preferred form of living for the majority of the world's population.

Since 1999, the City of Vienna has been a partner in the UN Habitat Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme. In line with this programme, the Best Practices Hub Vienna serves to promote the exchange of experiences, expertise and knowledge relating to a sustainable settlement policy. The regional scope of the Vienna Hub covers Central and Eastern Europe, while its thematic focus is on urban environmental technologies.

The major task of the Hub is to act as a regional best practice partner of the Dubai International Award for Best Practices, which biannually identifies best practices of sustainable human settlement development through a global call for submissions. Activities performed by the Hub also include the maintenance of relations with regional partners, periodic exchange with programme partners and active participation in the relevant bodies of UN Habitat. The operational integration of the Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme at TINA Vienna took place at the beginning of 2009.

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