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Magistrale for Europa

The term "Magistrale for Europe" refers to the approximately 1,500-kilometre-long railway corridor which links Paris, Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna and Budapest. Geographically, this axis lies in the middle between the North Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and constitutes a central West-East-connection. Like pearls on a chain, the Magistrale links cities and agglomerations of economic and cultural importance: Paris, Reims, Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Ulm, Augsburg, Munich, Salzburg, Linz, St. Pölten, Vienna, Györ and Budapest. The history and development of all the aforementioned cities were and always will be closely connected with the development of the transport routes in and around them. The route along the Magistrale has for centuries been used for the exchange of goods, persons and ideas. Thus, the "Magistrale for Europe" is more than just a railway transport route. It links cities and regions with more than 35 million people and 16 million employees in five EU Member States. In the future, it is planned to extend the link to Belgrade and further destinations.

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