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Transport Corridor VII

The Danube, also referred to as the Pan-European Transport Corridor VII, is part of the E80 inland waterway, as defined by the UN/ECE in the "European Agreement on main inland waterways of international importance (AGN)". It is complemented by all natural and artificial waterways which together form the Danube region's waterway network.

TINA Vienna is currently responsible for the management of Corridor VII and for all required secretarial activities to support the Chairman of the Corridor.

In the performance of its activities, TINA Vienna attaches particular importance to the strengthening of Vienna as an intermodal transport node in the Danube region. The maintenance of Vienna's locational qualities requires an exact knowledge of the developments in the Danube region and - building on this knowledge - the targeted implementation of relevant measures. Hence, the management of the Pan-European Transport Corridor VII has to be regarded in particular as an instrument for obtaining information and/or influencing developments in the Danube region. The central Corridor management task is the planning, preparation and organisation of the Steering Committee meetings chaired by Corridor Chairman Otto Schwetz, which have to be held at least once a year.


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