Smart City Vienna Smart City Vienna

Supervisory Board

KR Peter Hanke, CEO of Wien Holding GmbH

Deputy Chairman:
Thomas Madreiter, Director of Planning - Chief Executive Office - Executive Group for Construction and Technology

Other members:

Sigrid Semlitsch, Officer, Office of the Executive Group - Finance, Economics and Stadtwerke

Georg Lammel, Budgetcoordinator of GGr. SK, Municipal Department 18 - Budget, Human Resources and Controlling and Budget coordinator of GGr. SK, Office of the Executive Group - Urban Planning, Traffic & Transport, Climate Protection, Energy and Public Participation

G√ľnther Smutny, Office Chief Executive Director

Bernd Vogl, Head of Municipal Department 20 - Energyplanning

Birgit Ginzler, Employee Representation

Matthias Watzak-Helmer, MSc, Employee Representation

A company of Wien Holding Gmbh