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Port development Sabac

In 2010 TINA Vienna cooperated with its Serbian partner Ehting to prepare a pre-feasibility study for a port in the Serbian city of Sabac. Sabac is located on the Sava, which empties into the Danube at Belgrade. The Sava is the subject of several multilateral agreements and hence also an international waterway.

Under its MEGA (Municipal Economic Growth Activity) programme, USAID has invited tenders for a study to draw up a port development concept for Sabac. The main aspects to be covered by this pre-feasibility study include technical, economic, planning, social and environmental considerations as well as a feasibility assessment.

The project can be divided into two parts:

1. Economic and social review of the need for the construction of a new port facility
2. Conceptional considerations for the future port facility based on future transport flows on the Sava and on rail and roads and the development potential of the transhipment node.

The project was implemented in five working packages:

  • Establishment of basic data
  • Regional and transport-related aspects
  • Technical solutions predefining a rough concept for the future port
  • Economic aspects and
  • Environmental aspects

Time frame:
May 2010 - October 2010

Contact person:
Rainer Müller

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