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The objective of the INTERREG IV C project was the creation of a common perspective on climate neutral and resource-conserving urban district development. Together with other European cities Vienna developed recommendations for politics and government and created concepts for implementing and assessing new solutions and technologies, which are relevant for climate neutral urban districts. Innovative new technologies and building techniques will be used to improve the CO2 balance of cities.

The consortium is coordinated by the city of Stockholm and consists of nine local and regional authorities and three universities from nine European countries. Experts of the involved cities and research partners analysed more than 80 best practice examples from partner cities. Vienna was responsible for the work group “participation” and was represented by TINA Vienna and Municipal Department 18 (Urban Development and Planning). During the research project the participation tool “communal probes for Smart City Wien” to visualize ideas and inputs was developed and tested. The project ran from January 2012 to December 2014.


Contact person:

Pia Hlava


CLUE - Climate Neutral Urban Districts in Europe


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