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Against the background of developing the Vienna Region into a European business region offering favourable locational conditions and dynamic growth potentials, the planning of cross-border railway infrastructure projects has been given topmost priority.

The main aim of CENTRAL (Central European Nodes for Transport and Logistics) was to improve the cross-border railway infrastructure between Vienna and its neighbouring regions of Brno, Bratislava and Györ. Building on this aim, the following main project tasks were identified:

  • Planning of through stations including their integration into the high-level, inner-city transport network and into the surrounding urban structure
  • Planning of connecting stations between cross-border regional and long-distance transport and inner-city underground networks
  • Development of implementation-ready plans for the improvement of public regional transport between the nodes
  • Plans for the retrofitting of feeder lines to railway stations and freight terminals
  • Development of financing schemes and build-operate schemes both for the through stations and the connecting stations
  • Planning of intermodal freight terminals functioning as transport hubs in Central Europe
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Statements
  • Modernisation of logistic capacities and services for the implementation of efficient and sustainable freight transport operations
  • Improvement of the intermodality of transport and the interoperability of all transport modes
  • Creation of networks in order to establish and market environmentally-compatible transport management and logistics in and between the nodes
  • Development of cross-border operating schemes as a basis for infrastructure planning

The target groups of the project included the individual transport modes, transport companies, the shipping industry and the transport users themselves, i.e. those players which, on the one hand, provide services to ensure an environmentally-compatible transport management and, on the other hand, are to make use of existing and future services themselves.  

The CENTRAL project was implemented under the INTERREG III A Programme Austria - Hungary, Austria - Slovakia and Austria - Czech Republic.

Time frame:
November 2003 - June 2008

Contact person:
Rainer Müller

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