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INTERMODA (Integrated Solutions for Intermodal Transport between the EU and the CEECs) was a research project of the European Commission - Directorate General for Transport and Energy (EC DG TREN) within the 5th framework programme. The aim of this project was to develop an intermodal transport network within the Central and Eastern European countries and to link it with the intermodal transport network of the EU by 2015. The development of this intermodal transport network was based in particular on the TINA network and the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN). The main task was to harmonise the different standards (infrastructure, organisation, operation) existing in the EU and the Central and Eastern European countries, in order to contribute to the Eastern enlargement of the European Union and to a sustainable transport development. The project was carried out by a consortium of eleven partners from all over Europe, with TINA Vienna assuming the function of project manager.

Contact person:
Rainer Müller 

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