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Pan-European Transport Corridors

Apart from the Pan-European Corridors, the Pan-European Transport Concept also includes four Pan-European Transport Areas. One of them is the Black Sea PETrA. In the context of the TACIS agreement, the TINA secretariat was commissioned with evaluating the transport infrastructure of the CIS countries from the Black Sea region and the Pan-European Corridors in this region. This extension in the scope of activities enabled the countries concerned (Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine) to actively participate in the development of an action plan for the Black Sea region.

As the assistant of the chairman of Corridor IV, TINA Vienna supported him in his activities as head of the corridor steering committee. This not only includes assistance with the preparation and management of the meetings and the preparation of the corridor report, but also facilitating co-operation between Corridors IV, VII and X.

In the context of several assignments from the European Commission, TINA Vienna has prepared reports on the status of the Pan-European Transport Corridors and Regions for the years 1998 to 2001.

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