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The SEE (South-East Europe) programme area is crossed by major freight transport flows, which originate both within and outside the region. This transport mainly takes place on roads which have not been dimensioned for these flows - a fact which adversely affects the region's competitiveness, has a negative impact on environmental aspects such as air pollution and noise and also restricts mobility.

For this reason, authorities and operators need to coordinate their activities to increase the efficiency in using the existing transport infrastructure. Particularly the sphere of navigation offers a great potential for improvement. Especially measures to improve port infrastructure require transnational coordination to optimise measures and enhance the competitiveness of the multimodal transport solutions. Moreover, it should be demonstrated under what circumstances multimodal land-water transport solutions are more efficient than road transport. Only then investments will focus on the development of waterways and ports.

The WATERMODE project, which was co-financed under the European Union's SEE Programme, therefore aimed at promoting a better coordination of transport policies and a more efficient implementation of multimodal logistics cooperation, particularly the use of land-water connections in competition with road transport. In this context, WATERMODE, which was launched in June 2009, wanted to identify above all the potentials of the waterways in the region and contribute to the integration of maritime and inland navigation into the logistics chain.

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