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The PUMAS project, “Planning Sustainable regional-Urban Mobility in the Alpine Space” is a project financed by the Alpine Space Programme and runs from July 2012 to June 2015.

Alpine Space cities face common urban mobility challenges which call for innovative and cost-effective mobility solutions. These challenges are:

  • limited public/ private budget for transport infrastructure;
  • excessive private car-based traffic in cities;
  • large amounts of fragmented goods delivery schemes contributing to congestion;
  • rising CO2 and noise, deteriorating air quality and adverse health impacts;
  • lack of/ inefficient institutional cooperation for long term solutions;
  • poor recognition of interdependencies between cities and neighbouring regions;
  • absence of an integrated planning approach to address mobility/ urban development/ land use planning.

The Alpine Space is a region with continued growth, including increased passenger and freight transport. It suffers both from large volumes of cross-Alpine and seasonal traffic as well as sprawl from its cities to the countryside.

Contact person:
Rainer Müller



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