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Vienna Know-how

TINA Vienna collected the Viennese know-how in this field, and shares it internationally. It supports domestic and foreign city governments in applying the Viennese expertise in the field of urban technologies & strategies and using it for their own purposes. The brochure "Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies & Strategies" gives an introduction into the Viennese know-how in the field of urban technologies & strategies. It describes successful strategies and proven technologies of the city and its departments and businesses, which play an important part in providing a high quality of life in Vienna.

Here you find examples of Viennese solutions and Viennese know-how in the field of urban technologies and strategies. Also the brochure "Vienna Know-how" offers a new perspective on Vienna by illustrating how focused, responsible and coordinated action by Vienna’s public agencies has created one of the world’s most liveable and sustainable cities out of the complex organism that constitutes a modern metropolis. We do also send you the whole catalogue on Viennese solutions on urban technologies and strategies. You can also find the catalogue here and the brochure here.

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