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The CUPA project evolved from the INTERREG III C project "Milunet" and is held as a series of workshops. Multi-disciplinary teams from the cities Odessa, Novi Sad, Krakow, Vilnius, Lviv, Bratislava and Lublinabove meet twice a year to develop joint solutions to specific urban planning issues and problems. Each workshop lasts for three days and is held in a different partner city. The first day features a presentation and exploration of the relevant problem area as well as expert papers on the individual issues/problems involved. On the second day, the different areas under discussion are addressed in smaller groups and dealt with on the basis of the information received on the previous day. At the end of each event, the elaborated results are presented to the responsible politicians and city administration executives and to the local media.

Together with the City of Vienna, TINA Vienna is responsible for the organisation and implementation of the project within the framework of the DonauHanse network.

Contact person:
Vincent Neumayer


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